Getting Started: Scheduling Repeat Services

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Getting Started Scheduling Repeat Services: Repeat Services are used for clients who receive services that recur consistently each week of the month, such as a dog walk on M, W & F at 2PM. When you use repeat services, you can very quickly and easily schedule them all at once. For example, if you have 50 clients with regularly recurring schedules, you create a template one time for each client, then you can create your entire schedule for the month in less than a minute. In addition, you'll simultaneously create 50 service orders which become client Invoices.

Note: To bill clients on different billing cycles (some billed weekly, some bi-weekly and some monthly), See Repeat Services for additional scheduling details.

1. Create Repeat Templates for Clients

Start by creating a templates for each client that has a recurring service schedule. Clients can have multiple templates to create the proper schedule, such as a different sitter 2 days of the week, or a morning visit on Mondays. 
  • From the Client Account, select "Repeat Services."
  • Then complete the following:
    • Label: Name the template for easy reference.
    • Service Item: Select the visit they receive
    • Staff: Select the Staff to assign the services to.
    • Days: Check the boxes for the days of the week that should have services scheduled.
    • Time: Select the Time of the Visit
    • Schedule Ref Override: In multi-pet homes, include the pet name which receives the service, this field will display in place of the Schedule Ref (pet names) on the schedule.
  • Repeat to create a second template if necessary.

Add repeat service templates for clients in dog walking software

2. Use Schedule Repeats to Create the Schedule

Now, use Schedule Repeats to apply the templates to your selected dates to create your schedule.
  • Enter the date range for which you want to schedule repeat services.
    • Do not use dates used previously for repeats or you will duplicate services in the schedule.
  • Click "Go." All Repeats ready to be scheduled have a green "Ready" tag.
  • Select the Checkbox in the header row to select "All" and review that all have a green "Ready" tag.
  • Enter a service order Label (optional), eg. "August 2021."
  • Click "Schedule."

Use repeat services to create your schedule in top dog walking app

The Status on the Scheduled services changes to "Scheduled."

Use repeat services to create your schedule in top dog day care app

As a result of running repeat services, the Schedule for the month is created.

Use repeat services to create your schedule in top cat sitting software app

As a result of running repeat services, service orders have been created and are ready for invoicing.

Use repeat services to create your schedule for your regular clients in top dog walker app


Learn how to allow clients to Schedule online as well as how to invoice and receive payments:

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