How Do I Set Permissions for Staff and Admins?

Modified on Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 09:49 AM

In Version 7 of Pet Sitter Plus, when you create a new staff account you must also set their levels of access – or "permissions" – to all areas of the system. Our Permissions module offers total control for the business owner to decide how much or how little access they wish to grant to each staff member who works in their business, and to fully customize these "roles."

Note: Every person who uses Pet Sitter Plus will have a "staff" role, even if they are an Admin or the Business Owner. Each person needs a unique email address (entered into the "Work Email" field in their staff details) and password to log in, and their permissions are set individually in their staff record.


What are Staff Permissions?

Staff Permissions

In essence, Staff Permissions control which functions you give staff access to; the Interface Permissions control which modules staff can see.

You will have "Staff" who are usually field-based, delivering services to your clients. Staff who are assigned work require the staff dashboard to complete their duties as a minimum. Senior trusted staff may also require more access to certain scheduling or admin functions, particularly if they look after a team of sitters.

Admin Permissions

Admin Permissions also control which admin functions you give staff access to.
You may have "Admins" who also work in the field or who are solely office-based and do not usually deliver services. Admins are usually key roles in the running of the business and need access to all or most areas of the software to do their job. Junior admin roles require a reduced set of functions and some areas would need to be restricted for this role. 

Your business may have complex needs for Admins who each require very different levels of access to match their responsibilities. Our Permissions Module gives you as the business owner the ability to switch ON or OFF a full list of functions and features available in Pet Sitter Plus, so you have the option to design a different "role" for each member of your Admin team.

A Combination of Staff and Admin Permissions

Most businesses have staff that fulfill a combination of both "staff" and "admin" responsibilities in the business. Our Permissions Module gives you total flexibility to design your own "roles", allowing you to set staff up with a fully customized combination of admin and staff core permissions.

What are Interface Permissions?

Interface Permissions control which modules in the software staff can see. Here you can customize individual staff and admin "roles" by switching ON or OFF any of the menu options available in Pet Sitter Plus. You will then be able to apply the same sets of permissions to individual staff to match the role permissions you've designed for your organization. 

For example, you may want to set up a Senior Admin Role or a Junior Admin Role with our suggested permissions.

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