Transitioning from the Staff Planner to the Service Group Planner

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A new exciting enhancement to the Planner, brings significant improvements for businesses to manage their capacity and workload. Daycare and boarding businesses will be familiar with the original planner, but now you can track any type of service, including dog walking and pet visits.

Important Note: The New Planner will not replace the Old Planner currently available on your system. The Old Planner will still be available for use and will retain the existing "Staff View", rather than the additional features of the "Group View" in the New Planner which are:
  • Company Level Capacity for Service Item Groups
  • Staff Level Capacity for Service Item Groups
  • Color Coding to easily identify when a Service or Sitter has reached, or is over capacity.
  • Check-in and Check-out directly from the planner
  • Direct access to Client accounts from the planner
  • Vaccination flags

For existing users of the Staff Planner who wish to start using the Service Group Planner and benefit from the additional features of a "Group View", this article provides a helpful resource and a step by step approach for configuration, which is essential for this new version to function correctly.


About the New Planner

The planner displays Company and Staff level capacity for current scheduled services by service item group. As well as being helpful for walking services, the planner is particularly beneficial to businesses that offer boarding, overnight and daycare services and operate within the remits of local authority legislation.  

The planner also provides an expedited method of assessing the availability of staff/sitters to accept a service, where they have no work or have capacity availability indicated on their planner. 

New Features

The new planner provides color coded maximum capacity alerts at both company and staff level as well as Staff Time Off indicators to ensure services are not scheduled when a staff/sitter is on vacation.  Admins and their staff have the ability to check-in and out directly from the planner, as well as drill into a client account, service orders/invoices and view vaccination status flags.

The planner can be configured to display:

What are the Steps to Transition from the Staff Planner to the new Service Group Planner?

To ensure a smooth transition from the Old Planner to the New Planner, follow the steps below to ensure you can access all the new features as detailed above.

Step 1. Set up Service Items to Display in the Planner

The first part of setting up the planner requires you to select which service items you wish to track.

Navigation: Admin > Services > click on the service item > Advanced

  • Select the Service Item, in this instance Daycare 1 dog.

Select the Service to display in the planner in dog walking software

  • Click the "Advanced" sub menu. 
  • Set the Resource Cost based on the following guidelines: 
    • Set resource cost to 1 when the service is for 1 dog. 
    • Set resource cost to 2 when the service is for 2 dogs. 
    • Set resource cost to 1 for an overnight service. Even if the client has more than 1 pet, the resource cost covers the number of homes you are staying at, which can only be 1.
    • Keep Resource Cost set to 0 to not have the service counted on the Planner.
  • Click "Update."

Set the resource cost for a service item display it in the planner in pet sitting software

  • Your service item will then be displayed and tracked in the planner under its relevant service item group.

Step 2. General Planner Settings

The next step is to choose which features of the New Planner you wish to enable.

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Planner Settings > General

Choose the settings you require:

  • Use Check in / Check Out Feature: Toggle ON to to enable staff to Check in and Out of their services directly from the planner.
  • Show Vaccination Status: Toggle ON to show vaccination flags directly from the planner.
  • Use Max Capacity Color Coding: Toggle ON to enable color coding indicators to easily identify which service item groups or staff are at capacity or over capacity.
  • Use Add to Staff Total: Toggle ON to add Staff totals to Company Totals.

Click "Update."

Step 3. COMPANY Planner Settings

Next move on to the Company Planner Settings, which enable you to decide which service item groups are displayed in the planner at Company and Staff level.

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Planner Settings > Company Settings

From your Company Planner settings you can decide which service Item groups you wish to display or "Track" and are available on your planner to identify which services are at, or are over capacity. 

  • ITEM GROUP: Your service item groups
  • TRACK: Toggle ON to add a service item group to the planner and display a total count of all scheduled services. 
  • STAFF: Click "Configure Staff". Here you can access the service item group tracking for individual staff/sitters and also enable the Check-in/Out feature. 
  • COMPANY CAPACITY: Displays the total company capacity for the service item group.

Click "Update."

Set up the Planner in Company Settings to decide which Service items to track in dog walking software

To configure the Staff Planners, follow Step 4.


Step 4. STAFF Planner Settings

Now you have configured which service item groups are to be tracked in the planner, now configure the staff level planners. Here you can identify which staff/sitters provide the services you have already enabled in Step 3.

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Planner Settings > Company Settings

  • Having enabled the service item groups you wish to track in the planners, now Select "Configure Staff" next to each service item group.

Choose which Staff appear on the Planners for each Service they provide in Homeboarding Software

  • For each Service Item Group, toggle ON "Track" for the staff/sitters who provide these services and then click "Update."
  • Next set the "MAX CAPACITY" the Staff member has for the service item
  • Toggle ON "ENABLE CHECK IN " if this function is required
  • Toggle ON "ADD TO STAFF TOTAL" if this service is required to be counted in the staff/sitter's total.  
  • Click "Update."

Configure Staff in the Planner in Dog Daycare software

The planner will then not only show total scheduled services by service item group at company level, but also each staff/sitter will have a planner view too, so an admin can view which staff/sitter has availability to have services assigned to them.

View Company and Staff Level Planners for tracking services and capacity in Pet Sitting Software.

Tip: A black push pin 
Description automatically generatedClick the pin to lock dates, filters and jump to buttons to the top of your device to enable scrolling, without losing access to key navigation tools. Click the pin again to unlock and view all of your screen.

Tip: A black and white logo

Description automatically generatedClick the cog to jump to Company and Planner Settings.

Step 5. Allow Staff to View Their Own Planner

As a default when the planner has been configured at company and staff level, they are available to business owners and admins.

Admins can also allow individual staff to view and make changes to their own planners, subject to permissions.

Navigation: Admin > Staff > select Staff Name > Permissions > Interface Permissions

  • Toggle ON "My Planner View" to allow the staff/sitter to be able to view their own planner in their staff interface.
  • Click "Update."

Enable Staff/Sitters to view their own Planners in their Staff Interface in Dog Daycare Software

When the staff/sitter logs onto their interface, they can then view their own planner.

Navigation: Scheduler > My Schedules > My Planner

  • From the My Planner page, the staff/sitter can now view their own scheduled services.

View Staff Planner and Service Capacity in Pet Boarding Software

Step 6. Allow Staff to Edit their own Planners

Having allowed staff/sitters to view their own planners, additional permissions can be set to allow staff to make changes to services, view vaccination status of a pet and even check in/out of services. 

Navigation: Admin > Staff > Select Staff > Permissions > Staff Permissions 

  • Toggle ON "Can Change My Planner"
  • Click "Update."

Allow staff to make changes to their Planner in Cat Sitting Software

From the staff planner, when a service count is Selected, the details of the services are shown including client name, service type, vaccination status and the check in/out feature.

Navigation: Staff Interface > Scheduler > My Schedules > My Planner

  • Select the service count

Select Service Count from Staff Planner to edit services in Dog Daycare Software

  • From the details page, Click "Edit."

Edit Services from the Staff Planner in Dog Daycare Software

Subject to other staff permissions being set, from the "Edit Services" page, the following features can be accessed and/or amended:

  • Client information pages
  • Client service orders
  • Change service date, time, sitter, quantity, invoice & staff notes
  • Service report
  • Activity
  • Maps
  • Keys

Edit Services from the Staff Planner in Dog Boarding Software

As well as editing services, staff can also check in and check out directly from their staff planner. 

  • Click "Check in" on arrival or start of service - An accurate check in or service start time is recorded
  • Click "Check out" - An accurate check out or service end time is recorded

Check in / Check Out from the Staff Planner in Dog Walking Software

Check in / Check Out from the Staff Planner in Dog Walking Software

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