Understanding Invoice Types

Modified on Sat, 5 Nov, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Use Invoice Types to set Invoice Due Dates and define client Billing Cycles (such as weekly, monthly, etc) so they can be easily invoiced together during Bulk Invoicing. Find out more about managing and customizing your Invoice Types.

Invoice Types are helpful:
  • During invoicing to group clients with similar billing cycles.
  • When scheduling recurring services, you can groups those clients with similar billing cycles.

Tip: First, create your Invoice Types then tag each Client Account with a Invoice Type.


Invoice Types Explained

Invoice Type options include:
  • Custom Name: Create any name, only Admins see this name, clients do not see it.
  • Invoice Prior to Service Start: Set a Invoice Type to Invoice in advance of Service Start and set an Invoice Due Date based on the Service Start Date.
  • Invoice at End of Service: Set a Invoice Type to Invoice after the Service concludes and set an Invoice Due Date based on number of days after invoice is created.

Example:  You invoice vacation clients before the service and payment is due 1 week before the service start date, you invoice monthly dog walking clients at month's end and payment is due in 3 days and lastly a group of dog walking clients pay weekly with payment due immediately. Invoice Types allow you to invoice each group at the right time and with the correct due date.

Note: Invoice Types are set at a client level, but if a client books a service that requires different invoicing terms, you can set a different Invoice Type for that specific invoice.

Suggested common Invoice Types:

Weekly Invoiced: Invoice for one week of recurring service after service is complete with an Invoice Due Date of "Now."

Monthly Prepay: Invoice for one month of recurring service prior to services starting with an Invoice Due Date 3 days before Service Start Date.

Bi-weekly Autopay: Charge the client's credit card automatically for their invoice that includes two-weeks of recurring service.

Vacation: Invoice shortly after client returns from vacation with an Invoice Due Date of 7 days from date Invoice was Sent.

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