Understanding Time Blocks

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There are a number of ways of defining "Time" for your services that need to be set up, as this determines how your service times are displayed on the Schedule, how they are communicated to your team and clients, as well as how your clients will select a time when requesting services using the Portal.

If you don't want to use a specific time type, you can choose to set up Time Blocks. A "Time Block" is a time window clients use to select a span of time they would like a service, instead of booking a specific time. Time blocks are customizable and these can differ for each service.

Tip: Time Blocks help set client expectations and give the pet care provider leeway to create a logical route to conduct visits in an efficient manner. A visit may have a time block of 11AM-1PM instead of a set time at 12 noon. 

Note: Time Blocks are one of 4 different ways to display time. You can use a different Time Type for each service to fit your needs.

What is a Service Item?
A Service Item is a description and price for a service, such as a dog walk. Service Items are set for a time and date and then are assigned to a staff member to create the schedule. Service items appear on your Schedule, Service Orders, and Invoices.

Controlling Client Expectations when Scheduling Services Online

Time Blocks are useful when clients are scheduling from the Portal. When they choose a service with "time blocks," they select from time block options you have defined for that service. Time blocks show that a service will be delivered within the time allowed instead of at a specific time. It also defines the times you offer this service to the client, so they choose a window within your operating times. This sets client expectations for the time of service delivery.

Time Blocks can be set up as you want, eg. 30 minute blocks, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc. or a mixture, and they can also overlap.

Tip: If you prefer, the scheduler can refine the time block to indicate to the sitter a more specific time to start the service within the time block, to accommodate a specific need of a client.

The scheduler has the option to "show" a specific time within the window that a client has requested. If selected the window will show in black and the specific time will be shown in red below the window. If set to "not show" only the time block will display.

Navigation:  Admin > Service items > Selected Service item > Time Blocks / Time

See how Time Blocks work in your pet sitting software

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