Client Inactivity Report

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This report displays clients that have no booking activity within selected dates. It uses any scheduled service for the client, not only revenue generating services. You can email clients directly from this report.

Tip: You could use this report to:
  • Identify clients that should be made inactive. Making clients inactive improves the quality of your active client list, reduces inappropriate client communication and makes browsing the system easier. 
  • Clean up your keys on file.
  • Rekindle old relationships by emailing clients newsletters and offers.
  • Discover why clients have stopped using your service by sending surveys.

Note: The Client Inactivity Report displays the clients with no activity during selected dates.  Use a longer date range to identify clients who have not used your service in a very long time.

How Do I View the Client Inactivity Report?

Navigation: Reports > Client Inactivity

  • (Optional) Add a filter, click "Include Inactive Clients" if necessary.
  • (Optional) Add a filter, click "All Client Areas" drop-down and select an Area.
  • (Optional) Add a filter, click "Any or No Sitter" drop-down and select an Staff Name.
  • (Optional) Add a filter, click "All Clients" drop-down and select a Key option.
  • Select a custom date range or use a quick report button, i.e. "This Week."
    • To view the previous timeframe click the "<" button.
    • To view the next timeframe click the ">" button.
  • Click "Reload" to view your customized Client Inactivity Report.
  • (Optional) Select "Download CSV" to Export the data displayed.

View your client inactivity report in dog walking software

How Do I Email Clients from the Client Inactivity Report?

Follow the instructions above to select the appropriate clients, then:
  • Use the Checkbox in the Header Row to select "All" clients in the Report or select specific clients by selecting the Checkbox in front of each client.
  • Click "Email."
  • Select an existing template OR draft a new email.
  • Click "Email Clients."

Send an email reminder to your client inactivity report in dog walking software

Client Inactivity Report Explained:
  • Client: Last Name, First Name of the client.
  • Area: Client Area.
  • Services: The number of services delivered during the selected dates.

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