Set Up Services to Show in the Planner

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You can monitor a particular type of service in the Planner, usually overnights or boarding. This allows you to quickly gauge availability of each staff to take on a new service for a client or quickly view the capacity for daycare and/or playgroups. 

More About the Planner

The  Planner displays capacity and current scheduled services for a particular type of service, such as boarding, overnight and daycare services. The Planner is also helpful to identify which sitters provide services and to locate which sitter is available to accept a service, indicated by no work or work below capacity on their Planner.

Tip: Understanding "What is a Resource Cost?" help you understand what your Planner displays.

Note: To monitor a service in the Planner, the value of “Resource Cost” (for the service you want to monitor) must be greater than 0. Resource cost is a setting on the service item itself. 

How Do I Set Up a Service Item to Show in the Planner?

Navigation: Admin > Services > click on the service item > Advanced

Step 1

  • Select the Service Item.
Set up a service to show in the planner in dog walking software

Step 2

  • Click the "Advanced" sub menu. 
  • Set the Resource Cost based on the following guidelines: 
    • Set resource cost to 1 when the service is for 1 dog. 
    • Set resource cost to 2 when the service is for 2 dogs. 
    • Set resource cost to 1 for an overnight service. Even if the client has more than 1 pet, the resource cost covers the number of homes you are staying at, which can only be 1.
    • Keep Resource Cost set to 0 to not have the service counted on the Planner.
  • Click "Update."
Set up a service to show in the planner in dog walker software

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