Managing & Using Payment Types

Modified on Sat, 12 Nov, 2022 at 5:24 PM

Payment Types describe the type of payment a client used such as cash, check, card, Venmo or bank transfer. You can customize your list of Payment Types in Supporting Data. The options you create are available when you add a new payment in a client account. Payment Types appear in the Payments & Refunds tab in a client account and in the Payments Report. 

Payment Types are helpful in your client settings – an accurate record of Payments received helps when you have to a trace a payment, balance your accounts, make a refund or verify payments are received and recorded properly.

Tip: If you accept Stripe or PayPal Payments, the Payment Type is created and added automatically to your Payment Types list. Automatically created Payment Types are preceded by the word AUTO: (i.e. AUTO: Stripe) and cannot be edited or deleted.

Note: Once a Payment Type is used in a transaction, you cannot delete it.

How do I Add a New Payment Type so it is Available when Adding a Client Payment?

Navigation: Admin > Supporting Data > Payment Types

  • Click "+ New."
  • Enter a description in the Name field.
  • Click "Add Payment Type."

Add a new payment type to your dog walking software

How Do I Edit My List of Payment Types?

  • Click the Payment Type name.
  • Edit the Name field.
  • Click "Update."
Note: When you edit a Payment Type, all of the Payments using the original Payment Type automatically update to the new Payment name. To not edit your historic data, Add a New Payment Type.

​Edit a payment type to your dog walker software

How Do I Delete a Payment Type?

  • Click the Payment Type name.
  • If it has NOT been used in a Payment, you can delete it and a red "Delete" button is displayed.
  • Click "Delete."

Delete a payment type in your cat sitting software

How Do I Record a Payment Type when Adding a Client Payment?

Navigation: Clients > Payments & Refunds > Payments

  • Add the amount of your Payment.
  • Select the "Payment Type" from the dropdown for the client Payment.
  • Complete the other Payment details and email options.
  • Click "Add Payment."

Add a receipt with a payment type in your pet sitting software

  • The Payment Type displays alongside each receipt on the Payments screen.
  • To edit a Payment, click on the left over the word "Payment." Payments starting with "AUTO" cannot be edited.

Add a receipt with a payment type in your pet sitter software

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