​How to Create and Commit a Credit Note

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Once a credit note is created, you need to commit it (apply it) to add the credit to the client's account. You can commit a Credit Note:
  • right away for services that are not invoiced on a regular basis, like vacation visits.
  • before the next invoicing cycle so you can add cancelled services to one credit note.

About Credit Notes

Credit Notes are generated when invoiced services are cancelled, or have a reduced value. Credit notes are mostly used when you Invoice in advance of service delivery. They help you easily manage a client's account balance by allowing you to Credit a client for a walk they cancel, instead of having to create a refund or manage their balance in another way. There is also a system for Debit Notes.

How Do I Create and Commit a Credit Note?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Click the blue "Service Order Label" to view the Service Order.

Commit a credit note on your dog walker software

Step 2

  • Make Edits:
    • Select service(s), click "Edit," decrease the Unit Charge, click "Update."
    • Or cancel services from the Order.
  • The value for the order will decreased, creating a Credit Note.

Commit a credit note on your dog walking software

Step 3

  • Click "Commit Credit Note" to add the credit to the client's account.
  • Alternatively, use the Debit / Credit Notes Report, where you can commit in bulk.

Commit a credit note on your dog daycare software

  • Once the credit note is committed, view it by clicking "Credit/Debit Notes" in the menu.
  • If the Invoice is unpaid, the amount due on the account is reduced by the amount of the Credit Note. 
  • If the Invoice is Paid, a credit is added to the account. It is listed as "unallocated" as it is not yet allocated to an invoice, but it will be used when the next invoice is created.

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