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A Service Order contains services a client has ordered, for a date range that will be invoiced together, such as one month of daily walks or a 2 week vacation. The services are simultaneously populated to the Schedule and are used to create an Invoice for the Client. 

Tip: All orders are found via the Client account first. Then go to the Orders & Invoices Tab which displays all of a client's Orders & Invoices, with links to the full detail.

How do I find a Service Order?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

Below is an explanation of the Orders & Invoices screen:

Order label

This is either the service order name, eg. "December walks", or it "Service Order."

Start and End Date

The date range the service order spans, from the first service to the last service on the order.


This column contains either a "Quote" or "Invoice No." followed by an invoice number (such as "Invoice No. 188").
  • Any Service Order showing "Quote" has yet to be invoiced. Click "Quote" for options to create an invoice.
  • If the "Invoice" column contains an invoice number, the services have been invoiced. Click the invoice number for more options.


The total can represent different values:
  • If the "Invoice" column displays "Quote," the Total contains the value of all services that have yet to be invoiced in the service order.
  • If the Invoice column is an Invoice Number, the Total contains the Invoice total whether paid or unpaid.


The Paid column contains the total amount of money that has been received against an invoice.
  • If the Invoice column displays "Quote," the Paid column is always Zero, because it is not possible to receipt money against a Quote.
  • If services have been invoiced, any value in the Paid column represents money received against that invoice.


Outst. stands for Outstanding and is amount owed on the invoice. Outst. is the Total less any amount Paid.
  • If the Invoice column displays "Quote," the value in Outst. is always Zero, because it is not possible to receipt money against a Quote.
  • If services have been invoiced, then the Outst. column is the Total less any amount Paid.


The due date of an Invoice, as set by the Invoice Type associated with the Invoice. Due Date is blank on Quote as no invoice has been created.


Age works with due date to show when an invoice will be due, or how much overdue it is.
  • A negative number means the invoice will be due in that many days.
  • A zero indicates the invoice is due today.
  • A positive number shows the number of days the invoice is overdue.


Status will display one of the following:
  • QUOTE: When services are not yet been invoiced, the order is in Quote stage. Quotes can be sent to verify dates of service and price. You cannot allocate payments to a quote.
  • OUTSTANDING: When services have been invoiced and the client has not paid in full.
  • PAID: When services have been invoiced and the client has paid in full.
  • VOID: When services have been invoiced, but the invoice is not valid (for example because it was incorrect or the client no longer needs service), the invoice can be made Void.

The Order and Invoices screen in pet sitter software

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