Move Services to a New or Different Order

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Occasionally, and especially when a client uses your services often, services can be placed on the incorrect Service Order. If you've mistakenly scheduled some February services in your January service order, use the "Move" to shift services from one service order to another.

More About Service Orders

A Service Order contains services a client has ordered, for a date range that will be invoiced together, such as one month of daily walks or a 2 week vacation. The services are simultaneously populated to the Schedule and are used to create an Invoice for the Client.

Tip: You can move service(s) to an existing Order, or create a new order. Moving services streamlines your invoicing, allowing all services in a billing cycle to be invoiced easily at once.

How Do I Move One or More Services to a New or Different Service Order?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Open the Service Order by clicking the blue order label name.

Move services to another order in dog walker software

Step 2

  • Check the box beside service(s) to move, or check "All" to select all records.
  • Click "Move to Another Order."

Note: On smaller screens, you may need to click "More" first to find the "Move" option.

Move services to another order in dog walking software

Step 3

  • Choose an existing order from the dropdown, or "New Order." Invoiced Orders are not an option.
  • If you select "New Order," a new service order is created for the moved services. You can create an order label, or it will default to "Service Order."
  • Click "Move."
  • A "Services moved" pop-up confirms services moved from the original order to the selected order.

Moving services from one order to another in pet sitter cat sitting software

Step 4

  • When you look at the service order you moved the services to, you can check all the services have moved correctly.

Moving services from one order to another in pet sitter pet sitting software

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