Reset Charges Explained

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Reset Charges is a tool within a Service Order, that resets the charge to the standard price controlled by the service rates and Price Rules. Use Reset Charges after making the settings adjustments to Service rates, Price Rules and Client Types first.

More About Service Orders

A Service Order contains services a client has ordered, for a date range that will be invoiced together, such as one month of daily walks or a 2 week vacation. The services are simultaneously populated to the Schedule and are used to create an Invoice for the Client.

Tip: Common uses for Reset Charges includes:
  • You raised prices and need to adjust rates on future Service Orders.
  • You added new client types and need to adjust prices according to new Price Rules.

Note: "Reset Charges" does not override manual edits. If you manually edited a service rate (price or staff pay) using the "Edit" button, your price/staff pay amount will not "Reset" when using the "Reset Charges" button. Use the "Edit" button to manually update the rates again.

How Do I Reset the Charges on a Service Order?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Open the Service Order by clicking the blue order label name.

After a price increase, reset charges in a service order in cat sitting software

Step 2

  • Check the box beside service(s) to reset, or check "All" to select all records. Note the current prices are $20.00 and no allowance for staff pay.
  • Click "Reset Charges."

Note: On smaller screens, you may need to click "More" first to find the "Reset Charges" option.

After a price increase, reset charges in a service order in pet sitting software

Step 3

  • The price and staff pay amounts on these items are then updated.

After a price increase, reset charges in a service order in pet sitter software

Reset Charges as Related to Price Changes

When you change your Service Item prices, change the Default Price and the Charge and Pricing Rules for your Service Item. See Managing Price Rules.

Important: Charges do not update on any previously scheduled services. 

If you want to change the rates of services previously scheduled on a service order, use "Reset Charges."

For example, you increased your Home Visit price from $20.00 to $22.00 as of January 1st.
  • On January 1st, edit the Default Price and Price Rules and Staff Pay Rules on all Home Visit service items to reflect changes. 
  • Navigate to each client's account with a Home Visit already scheduled prior to your price increase and "Reset Charges" for each un-invoiced service order.
  • The Price and Staff Pay will update selected items.

Note: If you increase rates, but are leaving previously scheduled services at a "grandfathered"rate, be aware that altering any detail on a service time, such as the time, alters the rate as well, so be aware until the price change has been in effect for some time.

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