Reset Staff Pay

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The “Reset Staff Pay” function in the Schedule, re-calculates Staff Pay according to any changes that have been made to your rules that govern staff pay rates. 

This feature is most commonly used when a staff member receives a pay raise, in which case:
  1. The  "Staff Type" (and sometimes the  "Staff Pay Rules") are adjusted to reflect the new staff pay rate.  Show me how....
  2. The "Reset Staff Pay" function is then used to recalculate the Staff Pay Rate for selected services already in the Schedule which will ensure that your staff pay is recalculated correctly.

Info: Staff pay is calculated at the time you schedule services. Any changes you make to your Staff Pay Rules are not automatically reflected in the Staff Pay for services that were scheduled prior to any changes to your rules. 

If you make changes to your Staff Pay Rules, then use Reset Staff Pay to revalue Staff Pay for services scheduled before you made changes to your rules.

How Do I Reset Staff Pay for a Staff Member from the Schedule?

Navigation: Admin > Staff > click the staff member's name > Settings

Step 1

  • Adjust the Staff Record: Select the new "Staff Type" from the drop down.
  • Click "Update."
Resetting Staff Pay for a Staff Member in The Schedule in Dog Walking Software

Step 2

Navigation: Admin > Services > Service Items > choose Service > Staff Pay Rules

  • Add Staff Pay Rules for the new Staff Type to each Service Item.
Change Staff Pay for a Staff Member in the Schedule in Dog Walking Software

Step 3

Navigation: Scheduler > Schedule > Column or List View

Select the Staff from the "All Staff" dropdown.

  • Select the date range to reset staff pay (often from the effective date of the increase through the last scheduled service, likely about 6-12 months into the future).

Select Staff Member in the Schedule In Dog Walking Software

Note: Do not Reset Staff Pay for past dates, especially dates you have paid staff for already as it will adjust your financial reporting.

Step 4

  • Select the services to reset pay rates or click "All" to select all services for the date range.
  • Click "Reset Staff Pay."
Select Service to reset Staff Pay in the Schedule in Dog Walking Software

Step 5

All of the selected services on the Schedule will reset with the new pay rate.
Reset Staff Pay in the Schedule in Dog Walking Software

Tip: If a service previously had a manual adjustment to the Staff Pay, "Reset Staff Pay" will not override that manual adjustment, so another manual adjustment is needed to update those.

Note: The process is the same for any view of the Schedule (List View, Column View, Compact View).

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