Schedule Service Requests

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec, 2023 at 1:30 PM

Services that are requested by your clients online via the client portal (service requests) ultimately must be either scheduled or declined. If you have decided that you are able to deliver the requested services then you are ready to use the schedule function. 

When you "Schedule" a service request, the requests are added to a service order, and then simultaneously added to your live admin schedule as well as the appropriate client and staff schedules which saves valuable time. Consequently, scheduled service requests immediately become visible to administrators, clients and staff alike.

Scheduled service requests can also be used to create invoices on demand, which again saves valuable time. 

Tip: You need to have a Staff selected in order to Schedule a Service. If you use the Staff Time Off Calendar, any Time Off Conflicts are displayed on the Service Requests Screen.

Note: You can also schedule requests from the client's account.

You may decide that your workflow is such that you would like to automatically assign service requests straight to an order (and therefore appearing in your schedule) without the need to oversee them first. 

Alternatively, you can assign service requests to different orders prior to scheduling. This is useful if you want to add different scheduling notes with different requests.

How Do I Schedule a Service Request?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Service Requests

Step 1

  • Select the service requests to schedule by selecting the checkbox next to the service.
  • Click “Add to Schedule.”

Select service requests to schedule in dog day care software

Step 2

  • From the drop-down, choose “New Order” to create a new service order for the service requests, or choose an existing service order to add the requested services to.

Tip: You can control how your existing or new service order options are displayed in the order drop down list. Change this setting in Admin > Settings > Service Requests > Assign to Order Drop Down Default

  • If you choose "New Order" then you can optionally add an Order Label for the new order.
  • Click “Schedule Services.”

Select an order for your scheduled service requests to schedule in dog day care software

Note: The client's invoice is created from the service order, select "New Order" if you want to create a new invoice for these services.

Tip: This sample confirmation email, is automatically sent to your client when you select "Schedule Services." You can 
edit the text or disable the email.

Sample email your client receives when service requests are scheduled in dog boarding software

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