Cancel Services on an Order

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Sometimes a client may need to cancel all or some services they scheduled. You can cancel one service or more services at the same time. You can remove a service from a Service Order and the Schedule in either of 3 ways: 

More About Service Orders

A Service Order contains services a client has ordered, for a date range that will be invoiced together, such as one month of daily walks or a 2 week vacation. The services are simultaneously populated to the Schedule and are used to create an Invoice for the Client.

Services that are cancelled:
  • Remain in the service order, "greyed out," to distinguish them scheduled services.
  • Are set to zero client charge (unless edited).
  • Are removed from administrator and staff schedules. To show cancelled services in your schedule, see What does "Show Cancelled Services in the Staff or Client Schedules For" mean?
  • Can be viewed on the Administrator schedules by selecting "Cancelled Services Only" from the first dropdown on the Schedule.
  • Remain on client quotes and invoices, marked "cancelled", as a record of the transaction.
  • Remain on Staff Pay Reports with zero amount, unless edited. (see How do I Edit a Single Service on an Order?).

Tip: There are differences between Delete and Void / Cancel:
  • Void / Cancel leave the service in the system as "greyed out" for record keeping,
  • Delete removes the service completely.

How Do I Cancel a Service in a Service Order?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Open the Service Order by clicking on the blue order label name.

Cancel a service off an order in dog walking software

Step 2

  • Check the box beside service(s) to edit, or check "All" to select all records.
  • Click "Cancel."

Cancel a service off an order in dog walker software

Step 3

Note: Cancelled services are "greyed out," with a "Cancelled" tag. Client Charge and Staff Pay are zero. Cancelled services can be re-instated, if needed, see below.

Cancel a service off an order in dog walking software

Tip: Use Edit to add a Client Charge or Staff Pay to a canceled service, such as a late cancellation. Check the box beside the cancelled service, click "Edit," add a charge and/or staff pay.

Can I Reinstate a Previously Canceled Service?

Yes. To reinstate one or more services, select the items and click "Cancel" again. Since they are in a cancelled state, they will be uncancelled.

Reinstated services are:
  • returned to the administrator and staff schedules,
  • no longer appeared "greyed out" in the service order,
  • will no longer be marked cancelled on client quotes and invoices,
  • will have price and staff pay due reinstated.

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