Schedule Repeat Services for a Client

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Repeat Services can be scheduled for one client, or for all clients from  Scheduler > Repeat Services.

More about Repeat Services

Repeat Services schedules visits for all clients that have regularly recurring work at once. You can schedule visits for any time frame, such as weekly or monthly. When you do, you also create a Service Order for each client, that is ready for invoicing on your next billing cycle. 

Tip: Schedule Repeat Services from the Client Account one at a time when you have a new client starting mid month, after you have already scheduled Repeat services or if you need services from different templates to be on separate Invoices.

How Do I Schedule Repeat Services for an Individual Client?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Repeat Services > Schedule Repeats

Step 1

First, ensure you have all templates created: see Managing Repeat Services.
  • From the Schedule Repeats screen, enter the date range you want to schedule repeat services PLUS put into a service order.
  • Click "Go" to view the services.
Tip: The dates you select should reflect your Billing Period, the services scheduled are put into one service order, which become the invoice. If you bill your repeat clients Monthly, schedule your repeat services for one month at a time, this creates one service order for the month.

Note: You can only run "Active" repeat services, to run an "Inactive" repeat, make it active first. 

Add your repeat services to your schedule in pet sitter software

Step 2

Note: The information panel tells you how many repeat services are available to be run, and how many have already been run for this date range. This helps you to check again that you've entered the period correctly for the dates you wanted and that you have included all the clients you need.
  • The "Status" option below the panel tells you that you are READY rather than ALREADY RUN.
  • The green "Ready" status indicates on each repeat service that they have not been run for the selected dates.
  • Alternatively an orange "Already Run" would indicate that repeat services have already been run for selected dates.

  • If a client has multiple repeat services, for instance, a Tues/Thurs walk with Sam and a Sat walk with Mary, you can schedule both repeat services together and create one Service Order.
  • If you want them on separate service orders, schedule each repeat service separately.

Add your repeat services to your schedule in pet sitting software

Step 3

  • To run repeat services, check the box to the left of the repeat service(s).
  • Enter a Service Order label (such as "September 2021 Walks").
  • Click "Schedule."
Add your repeat services to your schedule in dog walking software

Tip: For more detailed information on managing Repeat Services, please click on the following article links:

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