Am I Notified When a Client Cancels a​ Service?

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You will be notified in a variety of ways that a client has canceled a scheduled service.

How will I know if a Client has canceled a service?

Navigate to HOME screen

Step 1

When your clients cancel a service (or make changes) in the client portal, a red indicator appears above the HOME menu item in Pet Sitter Plus.

When you visit the Home screen in Pet Sitter Plus, all the service cancelations or changes that your clients make are notified to you here.
  • Clicking on the ID No. link will take you straight to the client record.
  • To clear the notifications once you have read them, click on the "x" on the right of the notification.

Step 2

In addition, your admin email will receive a notification email that a service has been canceled, showing the Client name, unique ID no, and the date, time and description of the canceled service so you can find it in the service order.

Email notifying you that a client has cancelled a job request in your pet sitter software

Step 3

The service is canceled automatically from your Schedule - you can view the service in the Schedule by selecting "Cancelled Services Only."

The service is also canceled on the service order. If it is your policy to charge a fee for cancelations, then you can edit this service on the service order and manually enter the amount of the cancelation fee.

  • There is no option to cancel a service from the portal which is scheduled to be carried out today, or prior to today.
  • If a service which has already been invoiced is canceled  from the portal, the client will be credited with the charge for the service  (including any tax) and a credit note will be appended to the Invoice  PDF file.

Step 4

In a similar way to invoices and quotes, you will receive a copy of the Service Cancelation email that is automatically generated and sent to your client. The email is sent to your admin inbox notifying you that a service request has been canceled.

Email notifying your dog walking business that your client cancelled a scheduled service

Who receives the service cancelation email?

  • The service cancelation email is always sent to the client's email address held on file. If there is an alternative contact held on file and the option to "copy emails to this address" has been checked, then the email will also go to the alternative contacts email address.

Tip: The service cancelation email is always sent to the company email. The company email can be found in Add my Company information.

Can I change the text on my confirmation emails?

  • Yes, you can customize the text on the service cancelation email. See ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings > "Service Canceled Signoff."

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