Changing the Schedule Color for a Service Item

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct, 2022 at 3:39 PM

To help to quickly differentiate between services, eg. walking, visits, boarding, daycare, etc, services can be given different colors in the schedule.

What is a service item?

A Service Item is a description and price for a service you provide, such as dog walk, pet sit, boarding, overnight, dog training, etc. Service items create your Schedule, Service Orders, and Invoices. A Service Item that is set for a time and date is assigned to a staff member to create the schedule.

Tip: You could choose to give groups of services a particular color, eg. blue for walking, green for visits etc. Or you could give teams or an area a color.

How Do I Set a Color for a Service Item?

Navigation: Admin > Services > Service Items

Step 1

  • Click on the service item to edit.
Select a service item in dog day care software

Step 2

Note: If you leave the color field empty, it will default to red.
  • If you prefer, there are a number of preset colors you can choose for your services. Click to select.
  • OR Click in the "Schedule Color" field to activate the color selector.
  • Click in the color picker. The "Schedule Color" field background updates with the chosen color. Move the dot to find a color.
  • OR Alternatively, if you know the hexidecimal color value, enter it into the field. Copy the hexidecimal color value from another Service Item to match the exact color on multiple Service Items.
  • Click "Update."
What is a hexadecimal color?
  • Hexadecimal colors start with a hashtag # followed by 6 digits and/or letters
  • Go to W3 Schools Color Picker, click on a color and copy the hexadecimal color code into the "Schedule Color" field.

Tip: Schedule colors work best if you choose strong/bold/dark colors rather than light or pastel ones.
Select a color from the preset colour blocks for your dog boarding software

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