My Emails Are Not Sending - Check Connected Email Status Report

Modified on Wed, 15 Feb, 2023 at 7:25 PM

The report displays SMTP or Google connection errors or unusual activity when sending emails. Check here first if a client reports they have not received an email. 

Tip: If there are no errors, the page will be empty of any data and no cause for concern.

Important: Sometimes Pet Sitter Plus will show that an email was sent in the Client Logs. However, although the email was sent, if there was an issue with SMTP or Google connection, it may be that the email was not processed correctly and that is why your client has not received it.

How Do I View the Connected Email Status Report?

Navigation: Reports > Connected Email Status

  • As soon as you select the report, it will display.
  • Click a column header to "sort" the report, eg. sort by Date is useful.
  • Once you fix your SMTP connection, you can resend the unsent emails from this report. Click the checkbox in front of the emails and select "Retry."
  • To clear the report, select the checkbox in front of the emails and click "Delete"

See a report of any SMTP error messages to explain why your emails are not being sent in dog walker software

Note: Many free email programs such as Gmail and Yahoo have limits on the number of emails that can be transmitted via SMTP daily. If you receive a "Not Connected" or "Exceeded Quota" message, try the following:
  • Sort the list by Recipient email address.
  • Select 10 emails, Click Retry.
  • Exit the Report and then reopen it and resort the list again by Recipient. If the Status is "Pending" it is trying to resend; if the email message is gone, then it has transmitted; if the message is still there with an error code, there is still an SMTP / Google connection issue.

SMTP Report Explained:
  • Subject: The subject used in the email.
  • Recipients: email address from client account to which email was attempted to be sent.
  • Date: Attempted date email was sent.
  • Status: Will say "In process" or provide an error code as to why email could not be sent.

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