Using the Client Schedule

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The Client Schedule is a listing of ALL of one client's schedule, from all of their Service Orders. Use the Client Schedule to view and make changes to many services in one place, even if services are on different service orders. This differs from the Admin Schedule, where you view and edit services for All Clients, making to tougher to view and edit many services for only one client. 

Tip: Using "Client Schedule" to adjust a client's schedule, such as editing and canceling services is done in the same way as on the Admin Schedule.

Note: Learn more about what happens when making Schedule Edits and Updates.

Using the Schedule

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Schedule

  • View: To View and filter the client's Schedule, select the filters such as services, staff and groups (if applicable) and select the dates you want to view, Click "Reload."
  • Add: To Add Services, click "Add Services," enter service details, click "Add Services."
  • Edit: To Edit Services, select the desired services using the check boxes on the left, click "Edit Services," make edits, click "Update."
  • Cancel/Void/DeleteTo use these options, select the desired services using the check boxes on the left, then click either "Cancel," "Void," or "Delete" depending on which function you need to do.
  • Service Report & Activity: To view service delivery detail, click the service description, such as "DogWalk30 then use the menu on the left to view "Service Report," "Activity," "Map," and "Keys." 

See the client schedule in pet sitting software

The following descriptions explain the information on the client schedule:


Day and date service is scheduled.


Time service is scheduled (if you selected "Yes" to "Show Time" when you scheduled the service), if you selected "No" to "Show Time," the period (morning, midday, etc) is displayed.

Service Item

Long description of the service item scheduled.


Shows the Client Name, Schedule Ref (pet name), or both. 


Assign Staff's Schedule Ref, such as full name, first name or nickname. Staff Schedule Ref can be viewed/edited on the staff account (Admin > Staff > access a staff account).


Lists the "Area" that the client lives in and has been saved on the client account.


Means Acknowledged or Arrived, will be green when that step is done by the staff.


Means Complete, will be green when that step is done by the staff.


Is for Sent Report, will be green when service report has been sent to the client.


The key status is shown as follows:
  • a red key means the client has a key on file, but it is not assigned to the assigned staff.
  • a green key means the client has a key on file and it is assigned to the assigned staff.
  • a black key is shown if the service date is past.

Note: These items are only displayed if more detail is shown on the Schedule. Click the "+" and "-" signs next to "Detail" on the Schedule to view more or less detail.

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