Take Payments Automatically at Invoicing

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"Enable Bulk Credit / Debit Card Charges" allows you to take payments from each client's stored Payment Processor at the time you create invoices if they have provided consent. 

Tip: You will need to have Stripe enabled on your account to "Enable Bulk Credit / Debit Card Charge."

Note: If you want ALL clients on auto billing, you need to also enable Require Automatic Charges with Stripe. If you are OK with some clients being on auto billing and some clients paying online independently, you do not need to set "Require Automatic Charges", it can be optional.

How do I Set Client Credit / Debit Cards to be Charged Automatically during Invoicing?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Invoicing > Invoice Options

Step 1

  • Toggle "Enable Bulk Credit / Debit Card Charges" to ON.
  • Click "Update."

Take payments from a credit or debit card automatically in pet sitting software

Step 2

Navigation: Admin > Payment Processors > Stripe

  • Toggle “Require Automatic Charges Allowed” to ON. This means that clients must agree to automatic payments; they are not able to prevent you from taking payments from their account.
  • Click "Update."

Note: If you toggle “Require Automatic Charges Allowed” to OFF, clients can choose to allow automatic payment but is it not required. They can add their payment method(s) and they can initiate payment.

Take payments from a credit or debit card automatically in pet sitter software

Step 3

Navigation: Invoicing > Bulk Invoicing

In Invoicing, a "credit card icon" identifies clients with a payment card on file, who have agreed to Automatic charges. You can select these clients and charge their default payment processor at the time of creating invoices. 

The screenshot below is an example of the screen used to take payments from multiple clients at the same time when creating invoices.

Tip: Sort the list by clicking the Stripe icon in the Header to group all clients with a payment card together, for easy selection. Your first mouse click sorts those with no cards to the top, click again and it pulls those WITH a card to the top of the list.

Note: Run the auto billing Invoices separate from those without auto-billing. If they are all run together, those without auto-billing will not receive an email.

Take payments from a credit or debit card automatically in cat sitting software

Step 4

When you have clicked the option to "Create Invoices (Email)", as you have previously switched ON "Enable Bulk Credit / Debit Card Charges", “Automatic Payment Options" now becomes available.

  • Toggle “Take Payment if Applicable” to ON to take payments for all selected clients at the time of creating the invoice(s). Payments will be taken from each client's default payment processor on file in their Client Portal.
  • Choose from the list of pre-defined email templates to send your invoices.
  • Click "Create Invoice(s)."

Take payments from a credit or debit card automatically in dog walker software

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