How Do I View the Staff Event Stream and Map?

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The staff event stream works in conjunction with the "live" staff map in the Monitor Dashboard.

The staff event stream information is supplementary to the map, and provides more analysis that is activated by staff checking-in and out of services.
The Dashboard - or "staff map and event stream" - gives you "live" GPS data on the "last seen" location of all your staff that have work scheduled for them during the working day.

This data is activated by staff checking-in and out of services. Supplementary data for further analysis can be see on the "live" staff event stream.

Tip: Staff Activity and the Live event stream are helpful tools. They help you manage field staff and ensure service excellence for clients, as well as schedule and reassign services when there are last minute issues. Using these tools you can:
  • View the location of each staff to see who can take a service that needs reassigned quickly.
  • Review services to ensure they are delivered properly for both all staff and individual staff.
  • Ensure every pet is visited.
  • You can quickly see any issues with service delivery and address them.
  • Share appropriate data with clients about service delivery.

Note: To enable GPS notifications and reporting to function accurately, it is essential that the client's home address is set correctly on the client map. See Set Client Location in Staff Activity and Setting the Client Address for more information.

How Do I See Staff Locations During Work?

Navigate to Scheduler > GPS Monitor > Dashboard

Step 1

  • As soon as one of your staff has checked-in or out the "last seen" map will display.
  • The "live" location of each staff member is indicated on the map with a location marker which displays their initials, eg. JC for Jack.
  • The Activity shown on the Map is also listed in the Staff Event Stream, including Service Details.
  • The times when the Staff Member Checked-in and Out are also shown in the Staff Event Stream. 

View live location of staff on check-in in the GPS monitor Dashboard in Pet Sitting Software

Step 2

  • Click on the marker to see full detail of which service the staff member has last checked-in or out.

See staff GPS location on check-in in the GPS monitor Dashboard in Pet Sitter Software

Step 3

  • Click Check-In or Check-Out timestamp. Map pins show "I" for "In" and "O" for "Out" location.
  • Click the timestamp again to "hide" the map.
  • Use "+" and "-" to Zoom in and out to get a more detailed map.

See staff GPS location markers on check-in in the GPS monitor Dashboard in dog walking Software

Step 4

  • Click "Satellite" to get a more realistic view of the area around the staff member's location.

See satellite view of GPS location map on check-in in the GPS monitor Dashboard in dog walker Software

Step 5

  • For "Street view," drag the "person" icon to the sitter's "Pin" and release the mouse button.

See street view of GPS location map on check-in in the GPS monitor Dashboard in cat sitting Software

Step 6

  • From street view, you can navigate around the area. This may be useful to direct staff to a new client's home address, or to double-check the location if it is nowhere near the client's home.
  • To return to the map view, click the "left" arrow at the top of the image.

Navigate the GPS location of a staff's check-in or out in the GPS monitor Dashboard in dog daycare Software

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