When to use Cancel, Void or Delete?

Modified on Tue, 11 Oct 2022 at 07:35 PM

Three common scheduling functions are Cancel, Void and Delete. Each does something slightly different. These guidelines help you know when to use Cancel, Void or Delete.


Use Cancel when your client requests to cancel their service. 
  • Cancelled service appear on the invoice (greyed out) whereas voided and deleted services do not.
  • "Cancel" removes the client charge and the staff pay from the service.
  • Cancelled services can be uncancelled, which reinstates client charge and staff pay .
  • Use Cancel to make multiple changes to your schedule such as cancelling all walks for a public holiday. Cancelled services can be reinstated, whereas deleted services are not recoverable.


If you make a scheduling error, use the Void function to correct it.

  • Example: You schedule Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but realize your client did not book Wednesday. Void Wednesday which removes it from the admin schedule and staff schedule.
  • "Void" removes the client charge and the staff pay from the service.
  • "Void" services to not appear on the invoice.


You can delete services if you make a scheduling error and you want to either make changes or possibly start again.

  • Example: You add dog walks for Monday - Sunday for a whole month, but you meant to add only Monday - Friday. You can Delete services and can start over. 
  • Deleted services are permanently removed and can not be recovered so use Delete carefully.

Credit and Debits with Cancels & Voids

If you cancel or void INVOICED services, you are prompted to create a credit note which credits the client for the amount of the service at the top of the service order. You are not prompted in the schedule. The creation of a credit note might be appropriate. However if you are cancelling or voiding services to send your client a new invoice, see voiding your invoices before taking any action.

Note: If you try to delete INVOICED services, you are prompted to cancel or void them before you can delete them. This is a safeguard to prevent you from removing services that cannot be re-instated.


More About the Schedule

The Admin Schedule is the heart of your database. The basic definition is: the schedule contains all services scheduled for your company. However, it is a powerful, time-saving tool allowing you to perform many different types of Admin tasks, such as filters to isolate a portion of your schedule, edit and cancel functionality and the ability to email clients and staff. Furthermore, any update made in the schedule is updated simultaneously in all other areas such as Service Order, Staff Pay and Sitter Schedules.

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