Can I Set Prices Inclusive of VAT or GST?

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug 2022 at 05:02 PM

How is Pet Sitter plus configured for VAT or GST?

The UK and Australia operate similar systems of VAT / GST. In the UK the system is referred to as VAT (Value Added Tax) and in Australia it is referred to as GST (Goods & Services TAX). This is also the convention for taxation in European countries.

It is often a requirement, especially when selling to consumers (as opposed to businesses), that you state your prices on your invoices inclusive of VAT / GST (called gross VAT / GST). Pet Sitter Plus can be configured to show prices inclusive of VAT / GST on the invoices it produces, where VAT / GST is then deducted from the invoice total to work out the output tax for your VAT / GST return.

Tip: By default Pet Sitter Plus is configured to operate on a "net tax" basis, which means that service prices are shown "net of VAT / GST" and then VAT / GST is added to the invoice at the rate you specify. If you would like to operate on a "gross" VAT / GST basis, you need to contact support to let us know. We will then set a flag behind the scenes that will switch your database from "net VAT / GST" to "gross VAT / GST".

Note: You will need to change the settings in Pet Sitter Plus to Configure your Tax Settings for gross VAT / GST.

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