Tipping Options Explained

Modified on Mon, 16 Oct, 2023 at 5:26 PM

Tips can be added to orders by clients or administrators and then processed in two ways:
  1. Using the tipping function through the Client Portal.
  2. Using a Service Item called "Tip" or "Gratuity."

Tipping through the Client Portal

There are several things to consider when enabling tipping through the client portal as it comes with options for allocating the tip and the need to run the Tip Report at the time of payroll

  1. Tips button. When you turn ON the "Tip" button, there will be an option to Add a Tip on the Account Summary screen in the Client Portal. It has a calculator tool to add by percentage of the invoice or a set amount. The added tip will display as part of the Invoice and the total amount will be charged on the client's payment card.
  2. You also have the option to decide how to allocate the Tip, to the sitter(s) who have been assigned services, or to the Primary Sitter.
  3. If you initiate payment of an Invoice with a Tip, OR if your client pays through the portal, the process is the same as if there is no tip. You will take payment in the same manner. See Taking a Tips Payment via Stripe or ACH.
  4. When you have the Tip button turned ON, you will also need to run the Tip Report in conjunction with your payroll. The Tips that come in via the tipping function will display in the Tips Report.

Read the HELP topic on Understanding the Tips Report.

Tipping with Service Item Method

  1. Create a Service Item called "Tip" or "Gratuity" that can be used to record the tip. Typically this Service Item is set with no "Default Charge" amount and "Default Staff Pay" of 100%. When you use this Service Item, you will adjust the amount to charge based on the Tip Amount received.
  2. To allow clients to add a Tip through "Request Services" in the Client Portal, have Tip listed as Show in Portal. Update the "Long Description" to "Tip: Add Tip Amount in Notes", to remind clients to add the amount they want as a Tip in the Notes section when adding the Tip in the Client Portal.
  3. Admins can use this Service Item to add a Tip received via cash or check, to balance a client's account and record the Staff Pay. The Tip does not have to be an option in the Client Portal.
  4. If you are using this method, the tips will show in the Staff Pay Report, which you will run in conjunction with your payroll.

Read the HELP topic on taking cash or check Tips.

Note: If you use both the Client Portal for tips and the Service Item Method, you need to pull both the "Tips Report" and the "Staff Pay Report" to account for all Tips.

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