Email Clients From The Pet Vaccination Report

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To send mass/bulk emails from Pet Sitter Plus you must first integrate your personal or business email account with Pet Sitter Plus using SMTP or Google .

To do this please read all the notes on SMTP in this section here to configure your SMTP or Google integration.

You can create an email template for sending out vaccination reminders to your clients, then use this to bulk email reminders out to all of your clients whose Pets have expired or missing vaccinations.


How do I set up a Vaccination Reminder Email Template?

Navigation: Reports > Vaccinations

To create a new Email Template to use as a Vaccination Reminder from the Pet Vaccination Report:

  • Click on "New."
  • Name your new Template, i.e. "Vaccination Reminder."
  • Click "Add New Email Template."

Create a Vaccination Reminder Email Template in Pet Boarding Software

  • Enter your email text into the main "Content" area.
  • Click "Update."

Tip: You can use Merge Codes to insert client information automatically into your email templates.
  • {PET_NAME} inserts the Pet Name
  • {VACCINATION_TYPE} inserts the vaccination that is either missing or has expired.

Example of a vaccination Reminder email template in cat sitting software

Tip: Here is an example of the narrative you could include in your new Vaccination Reminder Email Template. For ease, you can copy and paste this into your new email template on your system:


This is to inform you that {PET_NAME}'s vaccination for {VACCINATION_TYPE} is overdue/soon to expire.

Therefore, we would be grateful if you could login into your account and update {PET_NAME}'s vaccinations as soon as possible, including uploading a photo of their up to date vaccination card.

To access {PET_NAME}'s Vaccination page, please click on this link: {CLIENT_PORTAL_URL}

You can then log into your account with either your 10-digit account number which is {CLIENT_ACCOUNT_NUMBER} or with the email address that you provided for your account. If you do not yet have a password, or you have forgotten your password please click 'Set/Reset Password' after following the link.

Navigate to: 

  • "My Information."
  • "Pets."
  • "Vaccinations."
  • Enter the "Valid Until" (next due date) for each Vaccination.
  • "Update."

If you have any questions about using your online account please just reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you.

We value your business and welcome your comments about our service.

With best regards,






How do I send Vaccination Reminders from the Vaccination Report?

Navigation: Reports > Vaccinations

Step 1: Run the Report

The "Expired Vaccinations" Report:

  • Enter a date to run the Expired Vaccinations Report up to.
  • Click on: "Show Report."

This will provide a list of all Pets with Vaccinations due up until the date defined.

The "Missing Vaccinations" Report.

  • Click on "Missing Vaccinations" from the Vaccination Report menu.

The Report will automatically produce a list of ALL pets with missing vaccinations.

Step 2: Select Clients and Email

  • Click on the "Select All" to Select all the Clients on the Vaccination Report, or Select Individual Clients.
  • Click "Email."

Select Clients to send a Vaccination Reminder in Dog Walking Software

Step 3: Select Vaccination Reminder Email Template

  • From the "Email Template" drop down list, select "Vaccination Reminder."
  • Click "Email Clients."

Select Email Template to send a vaccination Reminder to clients in pet sitting software

Your clients will then receive an email asking them to update their Pets vaccinations.

Example of a vaccination reminder from the vaccination report in dog daycare software

Tip: Further Reading: Pet Vaccination Report

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