Tutorial 3-3: Add Admin Rights to Staff Records

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In this step, you will learn how to...
  • Add  Admin access rights to a staff record

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Note: Before you can add a company administrator role, you need to have completed the tutorial section Tutorial 3-2: Set Staff Permissions.

During this tutorial, you will already have learnt how to create a staff record and a staff login in Tutorial: 3-1 and 3-2.

Now you will learn how to give a staff member a more enhanced user role with more administrator access to the software, so they can undertake more in-depth admin and accounting functions.

You will also learn how to restrict their access to certain aspects of the software.

You can read more about staff permissions and admin permissions.

Step 1: How do I grant Admin rights to a Staff?

Navigation: Admin > Staff > Permissions > Staff Permissions

Scenario:  Tammy needs Janet to also be able to schedule work for the other staff, and to create some invoices in Tammy's absence.

To be able to schedule work for other staff members and to create invoices occasionally in Pet Sitter Plus, you have to grant admin rights to the staff record. When they login afterwards, they will see a difference in their staff dashboard as they will also see the company view and as many menus as you have set in their interface permissions.

Your new company admin MUST already have a staff record created in the software, as you did in Tutorial: 3-1 Add Staff Records.  However, if your new administrator does not undertake any pet sitting duties, you can toggle OFF the option for "Can Be Scheduled" under "Staff Permissions" and toggle OFF "Staff Interface" under "Interface Permissions"

Step 1: How do I change Staff Permissions to include Admin rights?

1. Switch ON the option for "Grant Admin Rights" and more options will appear.

2. Under "What can this staff see?", switch ON the option for "Can View Financials" which gives Jan the ability to send out invoices.

3. Under "What can this staff do?" switch ON the option for "Can Export Clients"

Set admin permissions for your pet sitting staff

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.

To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:

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