Tutorial 3-1: Add Staff Records

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In this step, you will learn how to...
  • Add a Staff Record

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Note: Before you can create Staff Records, you need to have completed the tutorial section Tutorial: 2-3 Add staff pay rules.

Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with one or two example staff records for you to use during your training. The staff record can contain as many details about your staff as you wish to keep on file.

A staff record will automatically be created for the company "admin" who is undergoing the training. If you are a sole trader your staff record will only contain your details, so you do not need to work through this section, unless you may employ additional sitters in the future.

If you employ staff or are going to employ staff, it is recommended that you set-up your staff records first so they are ready for when you start scheduling work.

Once you have set up your staff records, you will need to alter their staff and admin permissions and interface permissions to set their levels of access to the system dependent on their levels of responsibility.

Then you can give them the URL for your database, and ask them to create a password for the first time and then login.

Once you feel ready to learn more, you can read about the options available in Pet Sitter Plus in Staff.

Note: We will look at how you add a new staff member to the software, and once you have completed this step, how you allow them access to Pet Sitter Plus in 3-2 Set Staff Permissions.

Step 1: How do I Add a Staff Record?

Navigation: Admin > Staff

Scenario: Tammy has a new sitter called Janet Price, who she wants to help her with scheduling and invoicing as well as dog walking. Jan is also on a higher staff pay rate than the other sitters. Tammy needs to add her to Pet Sitter Plus.

1. Click the "+ New Staff" button.

add a new staff member for your dog walking business

2. Type into the fields:
  • First Name "Janet
  • Last Name "Price
  • and the Email address, "jan.dogzandcatz@gmail.com
  • Click "Create Staff"

add an employee to the database of your pet sitting software

We will enter a "Schedule Ref - Staff Short name (Appears in Schedule)" for Janet. As this setting governs how their name will appear in the schedule it should be simple and easy to identify them. This can be the name they are known by if that makes it easier.

3. Type "Jan" name into the Schedule Ref field

4. Continue entering the following into Janet's staff record:
  • Home Phone: "904 123 4567"
  • Work Mobile: "904 987 6543"
  • Work Email: "jan.dogzandcatz@gmail.com" was entered when creating the staff record
  • Personal Email: "janprice57@hotmail.com"
  • Preferred Contact: Choose "Any"
  • Email Schedule (sent to work email): toggle the switch to "ON" (this will ensure Jan is emailed her work for the next day)
  • Address: "12200 Main St N, Jacksonville, FL 32218"
  • Click "Update" to save.

Update the pet sitter record of your dog walking company

Next, enter an "Emergency Contact" for Janet.

5. Click the "Emergency Contacts" option in the sub menu on the left.
Enter the following into the first contact:
  • First Name: "Steve"
  • Last Name: "Price"
  • Relationship to Staff: Choose "Husband" from the dropdown.
  • Email: "steve.p@yahoo.com"
  • Cell Phone: "904 586 5454"
  • Click "Update" to save.
We will check and set the "Location" map for Janet. This is a useful function as setting your staff location in the system you will be able to identify which staff might be closest to a client's location.

6. Click the "Location" option in the sub menu on the left. Check that her address is displaying in the field above the map area. Click the "Search" button to view Janet's home location on the map.
  • Click "Update" to save.

Use the map to see where you pet sitter lives in your cat sitting software

We will add a setting to ensure Janet is paid compensation at the "Pay Level 2" rate.

7. Click the "Settings" option in the sub menu on the left.
On the dropdown for "Staff Type" choose "Pay Level 2".

  • Click "Update" to save.

set pay level or staff type in your dog walking software

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.

To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:

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