What does Only Use for Direct Emails mean?

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Emails can be sent from Pet Sitter Plus in a few ways. 
  1. Through our internal email system (default).
  2. Through a combination of our internal email system and your business or personal email account (strongly recommended).
  3. Through your business or personal email account only.

Once you have connected your business or personal email through the SMTP or Google connections, all emails will be sent only through your email account. By toggling on "Only Use for Direct Emails" emails will be routed using the best possible means. Invoices, quotes, service reports will continue to be sent through our native program. Direct or bulk emails, such as Newsletters, Announcements, will be sent through your email account.

Tip: One of the benefits of using SMTP is that your emails will be routed through your business or personal email address instead so the client will not be able to identify that a different email address has been used. See Why use SMTP or Google for Sending Emails? for more information about the benefits of using SMTP.

The setting "Only User For Direct Emails" means: 
  • It will help to ensure that emails containing quotes and invoices stand a much higher chance of being received by your clients than if they had been sent via SMTP. 
  • The emails you DO send via SMTP stand a higher chance of being received by your clients. 
  • For more information on how send limits imposed by your email provider can affect your ability to send emails via SMTP refer to Send limits imposed by email service providers.

Tip: SMTP can and does fail for a variety of reasons and some of these are explained in more detail on What can go wrong with SMTP?

Note: It is strongly recommended that you switch ON "Only Use for Direct Emails." This means that Pet Sitter Plus will automatically route emails through the most appropriate channel depending on the nature of the email.

How do I use direct emails settings to send emails from my business or personal email account?

Navigation: Connect > Email Settings >Connect Your Email

  • Toggle the switch to ON to use "Only Use for Direct Emails."
  • Click "Update."

Use email config for direct emails only in dog walking software

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