View and Export Invoices

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After Invoices are created, access them from the Invoice List, searchable by invoice creation date. All Invoices are viewable, regardless of payment status, such as paid or unpaid. View a PDF copy of the invoice or click the link to the Client Account for additional detail, as well as Export a file of all PDF Invoices in the List or export a CSV file.

Tip: Invoices, specific to one Client Account, are available under Orders & Invoices.

Note: The Invoice Report is organized by Invoice Creation Date. View Outstanding Invoices by Due Date in the Unpaid Invoices Report and email reminder invoices to the client to assist with Accounts Receivable.

How Do I View and Export Invoices by Invoice Creation Date?

Navigation: Invoicing > Invoice List

  • Choose dates. Use quick report "Today," "This Week" or "This Month." Use "<" or ">" to page forward or back by the time span selected, i.e. if you click "This Week" then ">" goes to next week.
  • OR select a date range by adding 'from' date in the first field and 'to' date in the second field.
  • Click "Reload" to view Invoices Created within the dates specified.
  • (Optional) You have 2 Export options:
    • "PDF" generates one PDF file that contains all PDF Invoices in the dates specified.
    • "CSV Data" exports a CSV file containing the Invoice Report data for the dates specified.

See a full invoice list for the date range in dog day care software.

The Invoice List Explained

  • Date: Date invoice was created.
  • Invoice Notes: Invoice Number. Click the number to view invoice details. Click the Arrow icon, to download the PDF invoice. Click "Back" to return to the Invoices List.
  • Client: Click Client Name to access Client Account. To return to this report, click "Back."
  • Gross: Total amount due on the invoice, including tax.
  • Tip: Shows the Tip amount associated with this Invoice.
  • Credit Notes: Amount of Credit Notes associated with this Invoice.
  • Debit Notes: Amount of Debit Notes associated with this Invoice.
  • Status:Invoice Payment Status. This will be one of the following: 
    • Unpaid: No receipts allocated to the invoice. 
    • Part-Paid: Receipts allocated, but balance due remains. Invoices are "Part-Paid" if a credit is used towards the invoice i.e.: if a service was cancelled after invoice creation. 
    • Paid: Total amount due on the invoice, including tax, has been paid in full.
    • Void: If you have voided the invoice.

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