Understanding Unallocated Payments

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An "unallocated" payment is a credit on a client's account. It is a payment that has not been applied to an invoice yet. 

Tip: The total Unallocated amount on a client's account is displayed in the "Account" section on the right-side panel. Unallocated Payments are also noted for Accounts in the Client Payments Report and in Bulk Invoicing.

Why do Unallocated Payments Occur?

There are a few reasons why you might have an unallocated payment on a client's account:
  • When payment is received, it is allocated to an invoice, which is then marked as paid. If you do not allocate it, it appears as an unallocated payment.
  • If payment is more than the outstanding invoice(s), or if there are no outstanding invoices, the amount that cannot be allocated to invoices appears as an unallocated payment.
  • If you unallocate a payment from an invoice (to allocate it to another invoice) it creates an unallocated payment.

Note: When we refer to 'cash' payments, these can also be bank deposits or checks.

When a Client has an Unallocated Payment in their Account, what Happens when you Create a New Invoice?

When you create a new invoice, unallocated payments (credits) are automatically applied to the new invoice.

If you DON'T want the credit allocated to the new invoice, such as saving the credit for a different invoice, follow this process: How to Unallocate a Payment and Re-allocate it to Another Invoice.

There are a number of ways to spot unallocated payments:
  • In a Client's "Payments" list, unallocated payments have a blue "Unallocated" Button beside the payment amount.
  • In the "Unpaid Invoices" report, client accounts with unallocated payments that could be used to pay (or partially pay) the invoice, have a yellow background and a red "*" (asterisk).

How Do I View the Payments List?

Navigation: Clients > Payments & Refunds > Payments
  • From the Client's Account, select "Payments & Refunds."  "Payments" is the default report.
  • Unallocated payments are labeled "Unallocated" next to the payment amount.
  • Alternatively, select "Unallocated Payments" from the sub menu.
Understanding the Payments list in cat sitting software

How Do I View the Unpaid Invoices Report?

Navigation: Invoicing > Unpaid Invoices
  • Select a date range to display all unpaid invoices in that range.
  • The first transactions in the list, highlighted in yellow and with a red asterisk beside the client's name, have unallocated receipts (credits) that could be applied to the invoice.
Understanding the Unpaid Invoices report in cat sitting software

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