Where Can I Delete Duplicate Vet Records?

Modified on Wed, 16 Nov, 2022 at 6:55 PM

Client Records can have as many Pets as needed. Each Pet record can have a vet selected. You manage the list of vets to make it easier to maintain a clean list of vets in the dropdown menu.

If you find a duplicate vet record, you can transfer the pet records, associate them to the original Vet, then remove the duplicate Vet.

Note: In Maintenance, it lists how many Pet Records the vet record is associated with. If this number is not zero, the vet record can not be deleted until it has been unassociated with all pet records.

Where Can I Delete Unwanted Vets?

Navigation: Admin > Supporting Data > Vets

  • Select the Vet to remove pet records from.

Select Vet to edit in supporting data in Pet Sitting Software

  • Select Maintenance from the sub-menu in the sidebar.

  • You have 2 Options:
    • Option 1“Delete all references to this vet” means all pets associated with this vet will no longer be associated with any Vet.
    • Option 2 - Replace all references to this duplicate vet with another vet from the dropdown.

After you perform one of these maintenance functions, the number of pets associated with your duplicate vet record will be 0 and the option to delete the vet record will become available.
  • Select the Vet to Delete.
  • Click "Delete."

Delete Vet and update in supporting data in Pet Sitting Software

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