Staff Check-in on Mobile

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Staff can use "Check-in and check-out" at a visit when they arrive or leave a client's home, so an accurate time and GPS location is recorded for the service. "Check-in" and "Check-out" provides powerful, "live" communication between your Admin (who is generally in the office) and staff (who are out in the field.)

A "Check-in" informs the Admin of the time a sitter has started their work. You can see a live GPS map location in Monitor when they have checked-in, plus be notified if any parameters for the service have not been met.

Tip: You can choose whether to display check-in times to staff, see Show Check-in and out: Staff Dashboard. You can also display check-in times and locations to clients in their portal schedule. See Show Check-in and Out Time in the Portal

How Do Staff Check-in to a Service on a Mobile?

Navigation: My Dashboard > Service Detail
  • From the Dashboard, tap on a service to access the service detail.
  • Tap "Check-in."

Note: Make sure the phone network has an adequate signal and the phone is connected. If possible you should log in via a WiFi network. If possible you should see all 5 location indicators "lit" on the Check-in button which tells you that you have a good GPS location. If you have less than 3 indicators lit, your GPS location will be poor.

Check in to a service on your staff dashboard on mobile in dog walking software

Check-in time and location are recorded. They can be viewed in the Admin Schedule, and if enabled, in the Service Report, Client Portal and Staff Dashboard.

See your Check in recorded time and GPS location on your staff dashboard on mobile in dog walking software

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