Move Pages Up and Down in Custom Fields

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Once you have created new Pages ready to add custom Sections and Fields, you can reorganize the layout of the data.

Tip: Custom Fields organizes your database so Pages/Sections/Fields mirror the paper Client Information form new clients fill out. You can move the pages to be in the same order in case there are times when you still need to use paper forms.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields give you the power to design a custom database, with whatever data fields you need in a client account, a pet record, a staff record and Service Reports, and this is also reflected in a customized Client Portal. Not only can you maintain the data your business needs, you can set permissions on a field-by-field basis to allow different access and editing rights to only those groups you permit: Staff and Clients. 

Your data consists of separate Pages of information, and each page has Sections and each Section has Fields where data is input. Additionally, the data is dynamic, meaning you can control the input options or questions, depending on the answer to a previous question. For example, if a client is completing a pet record for a cat, you can ask a different set of questions than for a dog. Learn more: Custom Fields Display Conditions.

How Do I Reorder the Pages in a Client Account?

Navigation: Admin > Custom Fields > Choose database area 

Step 1

  • Click on the name of the page you want to move to select it, in the example below "Client Details."
  • Use the arrows to the right of the word "Pages" to move it "Down" or "Up."

Move a page in custom fields in your dog day care software

Step 2

  • Once you have moved it, the page order in a Client Account will change to reflect the new location BUT only if you have already added a section to it.

See your new customized page in custom fields in pet sitting software

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