Acknowledge on Check-in

Modified on Sat, 3 Dec, 2022 at 6:42 PM

In the Staff Dashboard, staff can "acknowledge" one or more of the services they are assigned prior to checking-in to that service. This tells the Admin that they have seen their work for the day and confirmed their availability and agreement to do the work.

Alternatively, you can set up "real-time" notification. If you use the Check-in and Check-out function, you can link the Acknowledge button to Check-in, so when a staff member "checks-in", the Acknowledge badge illuminates. When doing this you will likely also want to Hide Acknowledge button

Note: The Acknowledge button on the staff dashboard is only visible on the day of the service.

How Can I Use Acknowledge Check-in?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Staff Dashboard & Monitor > Staff Dashboard Settings

  • Toggle "Acknowledge on Check In" to ON.
  • Now, "Hide Acknowledge" appears, toggle ON to hide the Acknowledge button.
  • Click "Update."

Set the dashboard to acknowledge on check in with your pet sitting software

With "Acknowledge on Check In" switched to ON:
  • When a staff member checks-in, the Acknowledge toggle changes to ON/Green, and the Acknowledge badge changes to ON/Green in the staff dashboard, and in the Admin Schedule.
Note: If you have selected "Hide Acknowledge" as well, the option below will not be visible - you will just see the Acknowledge badge ON/Green.

Acknowledge on check in to light up A on schedule in dog walking software

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