Voided Invoices: When, How To and Viewing

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Voiding an invoice is helpful when you need to make a change that impacts the total amount of the Invoice. Voiding only removes the invoice, the services remain on the Order so you can make edits, and create a new invoice. When you Void an Invoice, you can: 
  • Edit the service order and create a new invoice with the correct information.
  • Cancel services and create a new invoice, instead of creating a Credit Note.
  • Change the Invoice type if the due date was wrong and create a corrected invoice.
  • Delete all services and remove the invoice.

What Can I Change WITHOUT Voiding an Invoice?

You can change any aspect that does not impact pricing, without Voiding the Invoice, such as:
  • Staff Assigned
  • Time (as long as you don't have a Price Rule based on time of day)
  • Date (as long as you don't have a Price Rule based on time of day)
  • Staff Pay
  • Staff Notes

When Do I Void an Invoice?

You need to "void" the invoice, make edits and create a new invoice for these changes:
  • Service item (i.e., Boarding, Walking)
  • Quantity
  • Unit charge rate
  • If a cancellation affects the invoice amount and you don't want to create a credit note.
  • Amount that should be charged has changed and you don't want to create a credit note.
  • The invoice contains incorrect details due to an administrative error.
  • You want to send all updates to a client, even ones that do not impact pricing.

Note: Voiding the invoice will NOT delete the services in the service order. It simply removes the invoice from the service order.

How Do I Void an Invoice?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Click the blue "Invoice No." to view the invoice details.

Void an invoice with pet sitter software

Step 2

  • Click "Void" in the left-side menu.
  • The "Void Invoice" warning states the action is irreversible. Voiding un-assigns payments and returns the service order to Quote (un-invoiced) status, which you can edit and re-invoice and reassign payment, if appropriate.
  • Click "OK - Void This Invoice."

Void an invoice with pet sitting software

How Do I View Voided Invoice?

Step 1

  • On the Orders & Invoices screen, click "Show voided invoices" below the order label box.

Note: If you don't see the "Show voided invoices" button, there are no voided invoices for the client.

Show Voided invoice with dog walking software

Step 2

  • The client's voided invoices are clearly marked and greyed-out.
  • Click on the "Invoice No." for a voided invoice to see the details of the invoice.
  • To hide the voided invoices again, click "Hide voided invoices."

View a Voided invoice with dog walker software

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