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A Service Item is a description and price for a service, such as a dog walk. Service Items are set for a time and date and then are assigned to a staff member to create the schedule. Service items appear on your Schedule, Service Orders, and Invoices.

There are a number of advanced functions that need to be set up on your service items as this determines whether your services are displayed on the Schedule, how they are communicated to your team and clients, as well as if your clients will be able to request services using the Portal.

Show Service in the Planner

Quick Guide - Resource Cost

The  Resource Cost setting is associated with the Planner. The planner is a scheduling tool designed to help you understand when you are close to capacity so that you can prevent overbooking. The Planner displays how many services are booked to each member of staff or to your daycare center. A service will only be displayed in the Planner if it has been assigned a Resource Cost. Typical uses are for services such as home boarding, daycare or overnights. 

Set the Resource Cost based on the following guidelines:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Set resource cost to 1 when the service is for 1 dog. 
  • Set resource cost to 2 when the service is for 2 dogs. 
  • Set resource cost to 1 for an overnight service. Even if the client has more than 1 pet, the resource cost covers the number of homes you are staying at, which can only be 1.
  • Keep Resource Cost set to 0 to not have the service counted on the Planner.
  • Select Update.

Make Services Inactive

Quick Guide - Making a Service Inactive

When you want to stop providing a particular service, the Active/Inactive option is useful (if you are unable to "delete" a service).

To make a service inactive:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle Active to OFF.
  • If you want to reinstate an inactive service, simply toggle the switch to ON.
  • Select Update.

Show a Service in the Schedule but Not the Invoice

Quick Guide - Non-Chargeable Services

A non-chargeable service is used when you do not want to charge the client a fee, but you want a service to appear on the schedule, the invoice or both.  For example, maybe you provide dog daycare that includes a free daily walk. To schedule that walk so it appears on the staff's schedule and on the client invoice, but with no charge, add a Service Item called Daycare Walk set to non-chargeable.

To make a service non-chargeable:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Non Chargeable" to ON.
  • Select Update.

Show a Service on an Invoice but Not the Schedule

Quick Guide - Hide in Schedule

You can have a service shown on the client's invoice, but not appear on the schedule, i.e. if you charge a mileage fee, you want to show the dog walk on the schedule, but have the mileage fee only appear on the client's invoice.

To hide a service in the schedule:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Hide in Schedule" to ON.
  • Select Update.

Show Services in the Client Portal

Quick Guide - Show in Portal

The list of available services for clients to book in the Portal will only show services which you've marked "Show in Portal" on the advanced tab of the service item.

To show a service in the client portal:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Show in Portal" to ON.
  • Select Update.

Show Services to Staff but Not Clients

Quick Guide - Internal Service

There may be some services your staff should see, but not your clients. For example, you may offer a free daily walk with Daycare service, so you want the sitter to have the walk on their schedule, but not on the client's invoice or schedule in the client portal. This is called an "Internal Service."

To make a service internal:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Internal Service" to ON.
  • Select Update.

Services That Don't Need a Key

Quick Guide - Key Not Needed

Some services – such as a Meet & Greet – do not require a key to perform the service, therefore, you would not want the "key required" alert on the Schedule or on the "Services Requiring Keys" report.

To set a service where no key is required:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Key Required" to OFF.
  • Select Update.

Set Billing Date Preference for Certain Services

Quick Guide - Ignore Service Start
Some services may be treated differently for billing purposes. For example, you may schedule a "Meet & Greet" in advance of a service but you want to bill on the date the pet care services start. By setting the Meet & Greet Service as "Ignore Service Start" the billing system skips that service when pulling appropriate Service Orders into a Billing cycle. It will use the next date of service on the Order.

To prevent a service from triggering an invoice:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle "Ignore Service Start to ON.
  • Select Update.

Enable or Disable Service Request Vaccination flags for Service Items

Quick Guide - Vaccination Required
For all Service Items you can decide whether or not the Service requires a Vaccination. The "Require Vaccination" function in Service Items directly relates to whether or not a Vaccination flag will appear in your Service Request processing screen. 

To flag a service item as vaccination required:
  • Navigate to: Admin > Services > Service Items > Advanced.
  • Toggle ON "Vaccination Required" - If the Service item requires Pet Vaccinations.
  • Toggle OFF "Vaccination Required" - If the Service Item does not require Pet Vaccinations.
  • Click "Update."

Detailed instructions....

Services that Don't Require a Service Report

Quick Guide - Enable/Disable Service Report

Service Reports are useful for providing feedback to your clients after a visit or activity with their pets. However, there may be circumstances when a Service Report is not required depending on the Service. You can now choose to enable or disable the Service Report function for each Service Item.


  • Navigate to : Admin > Services > Service Item > Advanced.
  • Toggle ON "Service Report Required" - If a Service Report is Required
  • Toggle OFF "Service Report Required" - If a Service Report is Not Required.
  • Click "Update."

Detailed instructions....

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