Are client accounts added to QuickBooks?

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Client data collected by Pet Sitter Plus is only synchronized with QuickBooks Online if a financial transaction such as an invoice or a payment is created on their account.

Example: Syncing Client Information from Pet Sitter Plus to QuickBooks Online.

You create a new client in Pet Sitter Plus and create an order with scheduled services. At this stage, the new client will not be synchronized to QuickBooks.

You go on to create a financial transaction for this client in Pet Sitter Plus, such as an invoice or a payment. At this stage, the client information will be synchronized to QuickBooks.


How does the Integration match existing clients in Pet Sitter Plus to clients in QuickBooks Online?

The integration will try to match a client in Pet Sitter Plus with a client in QuickBooks based on their email address.

  • If a client is created in Pet Sitter Plus with an email address of then the integration will try to find a single client in QuickBooks with a matching email address.
  • If more than one client exists in QuickBooks with an email address of, then the integration will assume that it cannot know which is the correct one to use and will ignore each of these existing clients and create an additional new client (in QuickBooks) specifically for the purpose of creating a reliable client link.

What Pet Sitter Plus Client data is synchronized with QuickBooks?

When the QuickBooks integration creates a new client, the data elements created are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address

If I amend client data in Pet Sitter Plus, will the amended data be synchronized with QuickBooks?

Yes, but only when a transaction is created that requires the client to exist in QuickBooks, such as a Payment, Invoice etc. The elements that would typically be updated are those listed in the previous question above about client creation.


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