Tutorial 4-1: Add Client Accounts

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In this step, you will learn how to...
  • Add a Client Account

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Note: Before you can create Client Accounts, you need to have completed the tutorial section Tutorial 3-4: Restrict an Admin's Access.

Your Pet Sitter Plus software will come pre-configured with one or two example client accounts for you to use during your training.

The client account is where all the details about your clients and their homes are kept on file. Pet records are created for each pet and are "associated" with a client account, so you will need to add pets after your client accounts have been created. You will learn how  to do this in Step 5 after you have completed this section.

In this section you will firstly create a basic client account, and then you will learn about the aspects of client management, such as setting payment methods and client types.

Applying these settings to your client accounts when they are initially created, will help you to perform automatic bulk invoicing and in-depth reporting in just a few clicks.

Note: When you are more experienced with the software, you can decide whether you want to set up all your client accounts yourself (and then provide access to your existing clients in Step 11) or whether you would prefer that all clients register themselves online (and set up their own client accounts). We may also be able to assist you with uploading your client database to Pet Sitter Plus. Please contact support@petsitterplus.com for further information.

Tip: Once you have set up a new client account and feel ready to learn more, you can read about the options available in Pet Sitter Plus in 
What is a Client Account?.

Step 1: How do I Add a Client Account?

Navigation: Clients

Scenario: Tammy has some existing clients that she wants to schedule work for so they need to be set up in Pet Sitter Plus. She will start with setting up Linda Macauley with her dog Sammy.

1. Click the option "+ New"

Learn how to add a new client account in Pet sitting software

2. Type in the following:
  • First Name: "Linda"
  • Last Name: "Macauley"
  • Schedule Ref: "Sammy"
  • Email: "test@test.com"
  • Click: "Create" to save.

Learn how to add a new client account in pet sitting software

Note: When we enter a "Schedule Ref" for Linda's account, this setting governs how their name will appear in the schedule, so should be simple and easy to identify them. Our tried and tested method is to use the pet(s) name(s), but you can enter anything you like here. For example, if one of your clients has four cats that you feed, you can choose to have a Schedule Ref of "Cats" rather than enter each name which will clutter up your schedule screen. We will look at how the Schedule Ref appears in the schedule in 
Tutorial: 7-1 View Scheduled Repeat Services.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage.

To move forward to the next step, click the link below and then choose the next step:

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