Understanding Staff Records

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The staff details section is where you can keep all the contact details of your staff member, including both personal email and home phone numbers, as well as work mobile and work email.

Tip: To change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields.

About Custom Fields
Custom Fields enable you to customize the Staff Member's pages in your database. This means you can add fields, such as specific employment or IC details. If you add custom fields, screenshots featured may not look the same as your database.

How do you Create a New Staff record?

Navigation: Admin > Staff

Step 1

  • Click the option "+ New Staff."
  • Enter the staff member's first and last name.
  • Enter the email address they will use for logging in and work emails.
  • Click "Create Staff."

The staff record is now ready for you to add all your data into.

Add a staff record for your employee in pet sitter software

Step 2

  • Once you have created a staff record, you can send the login details to your staff. See How Can Staff Login on Mobile on how they login and create a password.

What information is in the Staff Details?

Navigation: Admin > Staff > select Staff Name > Staff Details

About the Staff Details

First and Last Name
Add the names that your staff are known by and how they want to appear in staff correspondence.

Tip: Be wary of over familiar nicknames as these can appear automatically in some client correspondence. See List of Available Merge Codes and their Uses.

ScheduleRef - Staff Short name (appears in Schedule)
Keeping this short means that the Schedule will be less cluttered.

Profile Picture
You can upload a photo of the staff member in .jpg or .png format.

Home Phone
Record the staff members own landline telephone.

Work Mobile
If you give staff a work mobile, record the number here.

Personal Mobile
Record their own mobile number here.

Work Email
An important field as this email address will be use in several areas of correspondence in Pet Sitter Plus.

Personal Email
An alternative email address to contact staff after they have left your employment.

Preferred Contact
An option to record how to contact your staff.

Email Schedule
See Email Staff Schedule Automatically to read more about this function.

Add the staff member's home address. This field also pinpoints their home location on their staff map.

Staff Notes
A useful area to record any important notes about the staff member.

Add staff details to the staff record in your pet sitter software

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